Are nat wolff and rosalina dating in real life

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They erased the legendary graffiti in the bathroom that said: "Put in Joe Schmoke and watch the other team croak!

" When Principal Schmoke find out, he stops the party and searches everyone's bags for cleaning liquids.

The next day, when Rosalina was nowhere to be found, Nat thought that this was enough.

He goes to Rosalina's school, and she is decorating for the prom, because she has to put in hours or she can't go.

Alex finds the Batman costume, which means that Nat is a sidekick.Meanwhile, Qaasim is running away from the four girls he asked out to the party, and (strangely) they are all dressed the same, so he can't tell them apart.David and Thomas are in the boys bathroom at the elementary school.Nat and Rosalina leave the prom and change into their sidekick costumes while no one is looking to perform their song,"I Don't Want To Go to School." A high schooler finds out the NBB is performing at the middle school party and tells everyone, so they all leave to watch the performance. She also recently appeared in an ad that was part of LG's mobile harassment campaign, "Give it a Ponder." In 2008, she was involved in a brief controversy when several pictures of herself and her friends making racy poses in bikinis and lingerie were leaked onto the internet, due to her Myspace account being hacked as part of a larger security breach on the website. Di Meco hasn't appeared on screen since 2009 and has declared her retirement of acting on her You Tube account. After previously attending school in Connecticut (Holy Cross High School) she studied privately with tutors, while taking some classes at a college.

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