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Ultimately, the main differences between this and the Catholic church is the authority of Scripture superseding the authority of the Pope and Catholic Church (both of which hold no authority in the Lutheran Denomination), the absence of “Icons” (religious statues - often given a sort of “mediator” status whereby they can receive honor and prayers on behalf of the Saint they (the statues) represent.), Lutheran Ministers can marry, Salvation to the Lutheran is by Grace through Faith as opposed to Sacramental observation and adherence to Church authority.Broke from the Catholic Church as a result of a sausage eating event that was scheduled during a “holy fast” decreed by the Catholic Church.The Mennonites, Hutterites, and the Amish are all direct descendants of this group.The Anabaptist belief emphasized: Sola Scriptura, Seperation of Church and State, Baptism of the Believer (not the auto-infant sprinkintile), Freedom of Conscience, and Holiness of Life.

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Indeed the preachers did leave Zurich and met for the first time in a church free from government influence.

Zwingli contended that when Jesus declared “This is my Body, take from it and eat.” He was speaking symbolically of the bread and that the Lord’s supper is a memorial as opposed to the Catholic (and to some extent Lutheran) understanding that the bread is transformed literally into Jesus body and the wine transformed into Jesus blood (transubstantiation).

One of the most famous Reformers of all time is a man named from Geneva, France whose idea of double pre destination has spurred theological debate regarding God’s role in the salvation of man, and man’s role in his own salvation.

Excommunicated Humbert from the Eastern Church (Leo IX was already dead)2.

Began as a “commercial” venture to repay dept to Venetians by killing Muslims 3.

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