Dating a married cancer man

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You're more controlling and generally less flexible, and to a large degree that will be attractive to your Cancer, when combined with your high level of sensitivity, empathy and emotion.

Similarly, you'll feel more secure with this partner than with most others, and your potential jealous nature will be comforted by your partners natural loyalty.

You'll be attracted to your Scorpios strong personality.

You both can be controlling in a relationship, however in this match Cancers often feel comfortable enough with Scorpio taking the reigns more often than not.

Cancer is a lot more sensitive than they can appear, and you both can be fairly vindictive if you feel wronged.

Those born between June 22 and July 22 are quite the companions. Scorpio Cancer is one of your very best sign matches (tied with Pisces), you're both highly emotional, intuitive, empathetic, very possessive, very loyal, and will each make the other feel more loved than in potentially any other match.This is very likely to be a whirlwind romance, given how compatible you are and how much you both value commitment.The only other negative with this match is that you both can be somewhat pessimistic at times.This relationship is easily strong enough to deal with that however, and you both know how to cheer the other up. This article is based only on sun sign interaction.

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