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The only problem is, when you're as talented at play as Mr.Frazier is, it really doesn't take that much courage.“A wickedly funny collection.” —The New York Times“Not since Woody Allen's several collections of short stories has there been so delightfully distorted a world view as the one that permeates this little book.” —The Baltimore Sun“A great American writer.” —Jamaica Kincaid, author of Mr. It is the essence of society that concerns Frazier.That he is hilarious is just a bonus.” —People“Bold, challenging humor that works as the inspiration for both laughs and thoughts.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer Ian Frazier is the author of Great Plains, The Fish's Eye, On the Rez, and Travels in Siberia, as well as Family, Lamentations of the Father, and The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days.

In ''The Bloomsbury Group Live at the Apollo,'' what starts out as ''Liner Notes From the New Best-Selling Album'' first turns into a reminiscence of ''little Ginny Stephen'' (''But man, that chick could whale'') and John Maynard Keynes (''That cat took classical economic theory and bent it in directions nobody ever thought it could go'').From the opening essay, "The Bloomsbury Group Live at the Apollo (Liner Notes from the New Best-Selling Album)" to the title piece that discusses ways in which you might begin a romance with your mother ("In today's fast-moving, transient, rootless society, where people meet and make love and part without ever really touching, the relationship every guy already has with his own mother is too valuable to ignore...") to a parody that features Samuel Beckett as a pilot giving an existential in-flight speech to the passengers, the twenty-five comic essays in this delightful collection are nothing short of brilliant.Ian Frazier, long considered one of our most treasured humorists, proves that comedy can be just as smart as it is entertaining.His appetite for life is as large as the man himself, or even somewhat larger, since Ian Frazier is of average size and his appetite for life is way above average.'' But as this parody proceeds he inadvertently pays himself a considerable and deserved compliment: ''He has that type of courage which one finds so rarely in an adult in our society, and that is the courage to play.'' He quickly takes it back by turning the remark into a joke: ''He is just constantly playing.Sometimes he'll give oranges to people on the subway.

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