New york dating floods cause havoc across europe

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As wind and rain erode the mountain range, massive rivers carry more than a billion tonnes of sediment into the Bay of Bengal each year; in some places, the layer deposited since the most recent ice age is more than one kilometre thick.

As in all deltas, this loose material compacts easily, causing the land to sink slowly and the relative sea level to rise.

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The Ganges–Brahmaputra delta is the dumping ground of the Himalayas.In April 1991, a single cyclone, the worst in recent decades, wiped out well over 100,000 lives in the delta and left millions of people homeless. Global warming is raising sea levels around the planet by 2–3 millimetres each year.That only adds to bigger problems in the Ganges–Brahmaputra delta, which is sinking so rapidly that the local, relative sea level may be rising by up to 2 centimetres each year.UK geographers John Pethick at Newcastle University and Julian Orford at Queen's University Belfast reported last year that water levels at some spots in the most vulnerable southwest are much higher than expected.They concluded that embankments along hundreds of tidal channels, some of which reach hundreds of kilometres inland, have vastly reduced the area of land covered by water at high tide.

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