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All you need to do is ask any club member and you will be told about how much their swimming, running, cycling, transitions and general racing ability has improved through GTC.

You will to be told how enthusiastic and dedicated the coaches are and what a brilliant experience it is to receive high quality coaching on a regular basis.

There is a place in the club for all abilities and aspirations. As well as training with a brilliant bunch of people, you will have the opportunity to volunteer at some of Scotland’s leading events.

We have a well regarded para tri section and a dedicated youth squad (with a waiting list, it’s that popular! Do not worry if you think you won’t be fit enough or you worry you will be too old or too young. The club hosts its own club triathlon and junior aquathlons, and also plays a major role in European and World qualifier triathlon championships.

It’s interesting to reflect on the fact that a myriad of boat trains used to depart Glasgow daily for ports on the West Coast.

Whether your aim is to lose weight, try a new sport, do your first sprint or try an Ironman, the club gives you a focus and realistic goals.

There will be someone in the club who has had a similar focus at some point or who has the same goal as you now.

One can imagine the captains yelling instructions to their engineers to give them more speed, and the heat generated down below as the stokers were busily shovelling coal into the furnaces.

Passengers would be moved around the decks if the master thought it would improve the trim of the vessel.

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